Jun 5, 2018

Baby Boy Rustic Boho Inspired Baby Sprinkle

Last month we hosted a fun baby boy sprinkle to not only celebrate one lucky little baby boy entering the world, but two! We’ve known Krissy and Rhyan since they were kids, and it’s so fun to see how they’ve grown into such beautiful young moms. Both currently only have girls, so we thought it would be fun to throw them a baby boy sprinkle!

We went with a casual rustic, boho feel, using simple white roses, lots of greenery, and fresh succulents. Wild Orchid created the custom signage and Love Knot Macramé provided all the little macramé details. We also served up a fun blueberry mojito mocktail that was so tasty we wanted to share the recipe with you HERE. It’s perfect for those Spring or Summer parties, and can be prepped in advance.

With the busy wedding season we didn’t get to put together all that we wanted, but we were really happy with the way it all turned out. We enjoyed lots of laughter, food, and delicious sweets from our friends at Vanilla Sugar Bakery (Semi-naked cakes for each mom, macaroons) and Sugar on Top Bake Shop (boho cookies). Now we just have to anxiously await the arrival of two sweet little boys this next month!

Special thanks to our friend Stephanie of Stephanie Hulthen Photography who was so sweet to take time out of her busy weekend to help us capture all the details!


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